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"CHIME IN is an international organization of Youth Ambassadors, ranging in age from 16-25, who are represent Uganda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Dubai, Pakistan, Mongolia, Jordan, Honduras, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Guatemala.

The adult mentors who support our youth community are international, multicultural visionaries (and “action”aries) with expertise in leadership development, international diplomacy, service programs, media, marketing, education, content creation, diversity training, and spirituality.

We are an all hands on deck operation, and invite the world, young and old, to step in and become “ChangeMakers”—those who commit to self-responsibility and action toward being the change in their communities." ( )

"Taking music where it can’t be paid for.  Luc and the Lovingtons have successfully tried and tested a brand new touring concept which brings free concerts to people facing adversity. Through sponsorship, crowdfunding and the online auction sales of live paintings, the Lovingtons each year embark on their very own TICKETLESS TOUR called THE GOODNESS TOUR.

The Tour Stops consist of tent cities and shelters for people navigating homelessness, youth crises centers, hospitals, homes and more.

Understanding that Music and Art are powerful and that it is of great service to human beings with its healing and energizing properties, The goodness tour wishes to give that freely and bring it to folks who otherwise wouldn’t get it." ( http://www.the )

By applying techniques for mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness, Joe Gagnon believes we are all capable of living the High Performance Life where body, mind, and soul come together for a fulfilled life. ( )

"We created VOICES4FREEDOM Foundation because we refuse to keep silent in a world where slavery still exists. More importantly, we believe the time is right to kick slavery to the curb once and for all (stay tuned and we’ll tell you why!) V4F is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abolish slavery in our lifetime. We’re leveraging education, media, and entertainment to raise awareness about slavery. But awareness is not enough. Each of our programs increases direct funding to prevent slavery and partners with front-line activists who are bringing slaves to freedom while attacking the systems that allow slavery to exist." )

Many voices. One Cause. We pair teens around the world in collaborative art projects to shine a spotlight on humanitarian crises, encourage community engagement and personal growth. )

Harmonic Humanity is a group of caring humanitarians bringing organizations, artist, philanthropist, oneness thinkers and human potential leaders to one stage to end homelessness.  By organizing world class Humanitarians, Grammy award winning conscious Rock Stars, world-renowned Human Potential Leaders and billionaire philanthropist, we feel we’ll have a profound opportunity in making a mythic impact for our human family over the next 10 years. )

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